About Us

Elzea Snacks is committed to making snack time your favourite time of the day with our wide range of snack products including softs, naks, corn, popcorn and potato chips. We strive for the highest quality standards that allow us to offer you a taste adventure while our cost effective price points ensure that there is always enough to go around. We source local spices and follow local taste trends; this ensures that we are a firm local favourite!  Catering to all taste buds, we are confident that with Elzea you’ll find a snack that you’ll love.

The Elzea Snacks headquarters are in the Eastern Cape.  You can also find our range in the Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Elzea is the proud employer of hundreds of staff members who run our 24 hour, 7 days a week operation. The Elzea product range meets high production standards and is delivered to our stores 24 to 48 hours after production.  We manage our own fleet of trucks with which we service a large variety of stores ranging from large wholesalers, independent stores to smaller informal retailers. At Elzea Snacks we manage our in-house sales force and customer service is paramount to what we do.

We place tremendous energy in flavour development and have a very hands-on approach in the packaging development and marketing of our products. We strive to continuously improve and automate our production facility whilst remaining sensitive to our ability to remain agile, flexible and creative in our product offerings.

Procuring the best raw materials at the lowest price is a key focus and so we follow commodity price developments closely. The success of our suppliers is vital in securing our future and we value the relationships that have been built through many years of trading.

A truly local company, Elzea Snacks is committed to meeting the local snack food demand. Our commitment to our staff, our consumers and our suppliers, together with our insistence on high quality, great flavours and cost effectiveness cements our presence in the snack food industry.


Vision & Mission

Elzea Snacks brings joy one-snack-at-a-time. Offering the best in taste and quality, the Elzea Snacks brand is a promise of satisfaction and great value in every bite. Our wide range of high quality, cost effective snack options set us apart.

A South African company in touch with the local market, Elzea Snacks prides itself on being able to best meet the South African snack needs, as well as those of neighbouring African countries. Elzea Snacks’ aim to be the #1 local snack food producer is underpinned by our deep understanding of the South African pallet and our ability to provide high quality, great tasting, cost effective snack options.

With a snack for everyone, snack time is Elzea time!

Our Company

Elzea Snacks, a proudly South African company, cares about the community and the consumers we serve.

Our values are perfectly embodied in our mascot, Jerry the Giraffe. A social animal by nature, Jerry like all giraffes enjoys the company of others. In the same way Elzea Snacks brings friends, families and communities together with our wide variety and great tasting snacks.

Always searching for the freshest, juiciest leaves at the top of the tallest trees, Jerry symbolises Elzea Snacks’ goal to continue to strive for the best in snacks and to continuously search for the best ingredients and latest developments in flavour trends.

Did you know? Giraffes are known as the animal with the biggest heart in the animal kingdom? Jerry would agree as his big heart is a symbol of the love and care we at Elzea Snacks have towards our staff, our community and all those around us. Our mascot has become a familiar face at Cancer relays, school events and fundraising darbies. At Elzea we assist where we can with sponsorships and support amongst the less fortunate.


Our History

Elzea Snacks prove that local is lekker!

Established in 1975 by Germans, Eberhard Grubner-Meyer and Burkhard Buchner in East London; the company’s initial product offering was Amahewu, "Shake shake”, a fermented, cooked, slightly sour maize porridge. The botanical name for maize - zea mayz – led to East London Zea Products or Elzea for short.  

The Company changed hands a few times and in 1990 it began to produce soft maize products and naks.

In November 2009, husband and wife couple Tyron and Melinda Power bought the business along with a wonderful team of motivated, hardworking people that continue today to set the business apart from its competitors. In February 2010, The Elzea Snacks footprint has grown with operations in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The company continues to grow from strength-to-strength as new snack offerings are added to the Elzea range.